Bet against other sports fans, not the bookie!

Low6 is a sports pool betting app where you pick the winners on upcoming Horse Racing, Darts & Football matches with guaranteed jackpot prizes for every contest.

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We've redesigned, redefined and revived traditional sports betting by introducing a unique pool betting experience where fans pick to win huge cash prizes!

  • Pick'em style contests with guaranteed winner(s) everytime
  • Just predict better than your mates to win!
  • You don't need to score a perfect bet slip
  • Contest entry fees range from £1 to £100
  • Make your predictions and follow the leaderboard in real-time
  • Pick to Win! Low6 is Fun and Easy to Play!

Download Low6 App Today!

How to Play?

Here's a quick step-by-step guide to help you place your first bet with Low6 Picks

All users must be at least 18 years of age and live in the United Kingdom

After registering as a new user on the app

  1. Select Game: Low6 Picks or Low6 Classics
  2. Select Sport: Football, Darts, Horse Racing or MMA
  3. Select a Contest: Select a contest with desired prize pool amount, entry fee, and number of players

After selecting a contest, answer all the questions inside the contest. Each question offers multiple selections for you to predict the outcome of that particular sporting event. Some questions are worth more points than others. Once you have answered all questions within the contest, click “Place Bet”

*All questions must be answered prior to placing your bet*

If you recently received a promo code and were awarded free credit, you can see your promo balance in your “wallet”. 

*Remember you cannot withdraw your promo credit balance, but any winnings awarded through promo codes you may wish to withdraw

Tired of always losing to the bookmaker?

We’re here to eliminate the “Bookmaker” and provide sports fans with a unique pool betting experience that delivers a winner every time.

And winning ... never gets old. This is a revolution.

We are forever changing the way people bet on sports.

This is Sports Betting, Reborn.